The People’s history of Telford #TouchTelford

Telford has a short history (53 years) but was built on a location whose history goes back to the beginnings of time. The custodians of our history have curated it most notably at the Ironbridge Gorge Museum and at the county archives in Shrewsbury. Their curation tells only part of the story and this project aims to tell the story from the ground beneath our feet upwards.

A New Year message from Cinderloo 1821

Dear all Shropshire and Telford Trades Council banner Well 2021 has finally arrived and the 200th anniversary of the battle of Cinderloo depicted on the Shropshire and Telford Trades Council banner occurs on 2nd February 2021. Cinderloo 1821 our  community group set up to commemorate the events has several activities arranged through out 2021 to celebrate... Continue Reading →

Postcard from Leeds

The colliers in Yorkshire are getting organised. The bosses don’t like it. 8000 of us marched through Leeds last week. The press are telling lies about our wages! Keep organising Tom!

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