Postcards to Cinderloo

Do you want to help tell the story of Cinderloo?

Write a short blog telling the stories of the social and political events that led to Cinderloo and their impact on the people and places we now call Telford

As part of the Cinderloo 1821 project a number of local historians interested in the events leading to the riots and similar uprisings across England are researching and writing about the events as the government of the day sought to avoid revolution as had occurred over the channel in France.

This period of history explains a lot about how Telford is today and in a series of short articles we are inviting people interested in writing to share their thoughts to help set out how national events that shaped England and the stories of rebellion that largely remain hidden from the sanitised story told by the Ironbridge Gorge Museum

We intend to structure the project loosely using the chronology of events covered in Aspinall’s book:-

  • The Combination laws 1791 – 99 
  • The Combination Act of 1799 and 1800 
  • The last year of the Napoleonic war
  • First years of peace 1815 – 17
  • Lancashire cotton workers 1818
  • A year of widespread trouble 1819 inc Peterloo
  • The last years of the Combination Acts 1820 – 1825

but allowing opportunities for guest bloggers to cover what ever aspect of the Cinderloo story that interests them

If you are interested in writing an article of between 500 and 1000 words, linking national events to our local area, using images and references to illuminate your work please contact us and we will publish the articles on our website with the intention of creating a resource that will be available to future generations interested in this period of history and the events around Cinderloo as we mark its 200th anniversary.

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Click on the links below to read some of the postcards sent to Cinderloo so far:

Cinderloo – the Before and Afters

by Geoff Fordham

Discusses some of the key social, political and economic issues in the UK and the role of the radical press in the lead up to the Cinderloo Uprising

Postcard from Leeds

by Joe Stanley

About the industrial protests going on in Yorkshire in the early 1800s

Postcard from Brittany – the French are revolting!

by Jayne McDermott

Discusses the influence of the French Revolution on protests like Cinderloo

Postcard to Cinderloo 1779-1800: Trouble Brewing

by Dave Auger

Traces the history of the radical movement, food strikes and industrial protests at the end of the 18th Century

Postcard to Cinderloo: Fake News and 200 years of the Secret State

by Ian Thomas

Discusses the role of the media and the State in using dishonest propaganda, spying, sabotage and the sanctioning of criminal acts

Postcard to Cinderloo – A Word of Warning

by Andrew Naylor

A warning to Tom Palin to look out for possible Government spies and agent provocateurs

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