About us

With Telford having celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018 a diverse group of people with interests in art, local history and social justice came together to look back further into the area’s past to better understand the geography, culture and politics of the communities that form the heart of the new town today. They aim to identify how people fighting injustice 200 years ago provide the spirit, energy and ideas to take the town into the future with optimism and pride.

Who we are

Cinderloo 1821 is a community organisation set up to raise awareness of the Cinderloo Uprising and to promote activities commemorating the event, leading up to and including the 200th anniversary of Cinderloo in 2021.

The organisation is run by volunteers.  The team is currently led by a planning group comprising

  • Pete Jackson, Chair
  • Nigel Neat, Treasurer
  • Andrew Howe, Secretary
  • Concepta Cassar
  • Andrew Naylor
  • Dave Auger
  • Shirley Bruneau
  • Jason Lewis

We are working in partnership with a number of local organisations and community groups listed with our supporters below.

Cinderloo1821 is an affiliated member of the Wrekin Local Studies Forum.


The organisation has a constitution with the following aims:

(a) To encourage an interest in the story and history associated with the ‘Battle of Cinderloo 1821’ to the wider community, by providing a programme of awareness and public information,

(b) Promote the study of the topographical, social, political, industrial, educational and religious history associated with ‘Cinderloo’,

(c) To provide educational, recreational, creative and social activities for members through the promotion of history, heritage, arts and culture,

(d) To work with others to celebrate the story of ’Cinderloo’ ,

(e) To develop community spirit and encourage inter-generational work,

(f) To make available and support opportunities for research, discussion, interpretation and learning,

(g) To record and share research information by publishing information for the benefit of the public,

What we do

From our early and ongoing discussions with people interested in Cinderloo, some clear themes for activity emerged including: –

  • Art, music and poetry
  • Mapping and walking around Cinderloo sites
  • Workshops and educational materials exploring heritage themes and social topics
  • Schools and colleges educational programme
  • Family history relating to the participants in Cinderloo
  • Research of political history building on work of Ian Thomas
  • Linking to existing connected local history groups
  • Producing publicity materials and activities to raise awareness

We have hold public meetings and events with opportunities to share performances and artwork made in response to Cinderloo.

Some of the historical information, maps and art work will be collected for public exhibitions which will be made widely accessible using community facilities and digital media, working in partnership with the Lawley and Overdale Local History Group, The Wrekin Local Studies Forum, Ironbridge Gorge Museums Trust, Telford and Wrekin Council and local parish councils.

We use creative activities with schools/colleges and community groups to investigate some of the above themes and issues associated with Cinderloo, linking past and present.  This builds on work established by the Dawley Heritage project and the Heritage Schools programme, working in partnership with Historic England.

Supporters and Partners

Our supporters include:

Funding provided by:


historic england

wrekin housing trust

Great Dawley Town Council
dawley hamlets
Dawley Hamlets Parish Council

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