Cinderloo1821 can offer support to school projects by bringing specialist local knowledge and creative resources.  We work in partnership with creative practitioners from Participate Contemporary Artspace CIC, former miners the Granville Boys. Wrekin Local Studies Forum and Ironbridge Gorge Museums Trust.  We tailor projects to suit the particular requirements of the school, which could cover the following subjects:

  • local and or national history,
  • science and industry, especially mining,
  • geography, geology and landscape,
  • creative writing/art/film or
  • topics around social justice, crime and punishment and British values.

Visit our Resources page for a range of learning materials and lesson plans.

In 2019, Cinderloo1821 worked with six Telford primary schools:

  • Queenswood
  • Holmer Lake
  • Hollinswood
  • Captain Webb
  • John Fletcher of Madeley
  • John Randall

Usually starting with an introductory talk to an individual class or year group assembly, we then lead one or two days of activities:

  1. heritage walk and creative activity,
  2. debate/role play

In addition, to building knowledge and skills in traditional subjects, children have learnt about empathy and the effectiveness of working together in teams. Many pupils and teachers have been amazed to learn that the historic events of Cinderloo happened on their doorstep, and this has helped to encourage stronger connections and pride in their local history.

Some of the activities that children took part in (see our Learning page for a video summary):

A selection of art work:

Some comments from teachers:

“The heritage walk was brilliantly informative.  Children really enjoyed it and learned a lot about the local area.  The collage afternoon was thoroughly enjoyed by all children and the resources provided e.g. stamps/stencils, were very useful and used by all children”

“The range of practical and pictorial resources allowed all learners to access the activity, including those with English as an additional language (EAL) and those with special educational needs (SEN)”

And a selection of comments from pupils:

“I liked the debate, and writing down all the ideas”

“I liked all of it.  I particularly liked watching all the films that everybody else did.”

“I enjoyed exploring the paths on the walk because I was taught about the history of what happened in our town … I used this in my collage with the different pictures”

“I liked seeing other people’s movies, so I could see how they progressed.  It was hard editing the movies, but we all worked as a team and we got a good movie out.”

“I enjoyed learning because I didn’t  know there were so many mines around Telford”



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