Future Events

We are in the process of planning a programme of events, and further details of dates and activities will be available soon.

The Cinderloo1821 AGM will be Thursday 21st February 2019, 7pm in the Elephant and Castle Dawley High Street.  The meeting is open to members and the general public, and following brief formalities, there will be some music and poetry, and an opportunity to meet and chat.  Further details to be announced in due course.

Previous Events

Saturday 11th August 2018, Telford, Cadman and Cinderloo Guided History Walk


Around 30 people enjoyed a circular walk identifying local points of historical interest including Malinslee Church (Thomas Telford), Old Park Ironworks & brickworks (Thomas Botfield), the site of the Cinderloo Riot of 1821: the events that led up to it and the outcomes which ensued; local historical points of interest in Old Park including the two chapels  and famous figures from Old Park history including Revd Samuel Parkes Cadman (1864-1936). This walk was part of the History on Foot series of guided walks organised by the Wrekin Local Studies Forum.  The walk leader was Darren Blackburn, with additional information supplied by Shirley Bruneau.  There were poems read by Ted Eames and Jean Atkin.

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Public Meetings



There have been three public meetings held at the Elephant and Castle in Dawley High Street.

18th October 2018

Over 20 members came to see a series of presentations from the Cinderloo 1821 providing a brief update on all the great progress and events from the last few months, including an update on funding and future plans.  We were then treated to a premiere of Martin James’ animated Cinderloo film to coincide with the opening night of Mike Leigh’s Peterloo film.  There was also short film by Jill Impey showing footage from the recent history walk, and a presentation by Andrew Howe showing some of his drawings of 200 year old trees from the Witnesses project.

24th May 2018

We welcomed some new faces for music and poetry, and plenty of discussion about maps, mining and other aspects of local history.  Ted Eames‘ poem “Farewell Tom (Sam Hayward’s Blues)” has been put to music brilliantly by Mary Keith and a recording was heard in public for the first time.  We also had a sneak preview of a fabulous video by Martin James.

22nd February 2018

At our inaugural meeting, we had 35 people attending from 12 different community groups plus 15 apologies and messages of support.  A vibrant evening of discussion and poems from Ted Eames and Andrew Howe.  Here’s a short film clip from the evening produced by artist Jill Impey:


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