Minutes of AGM held 21st February 2019 at Elephant and Castle Dawley

The meeting was opened by Pete Jackson and the 36 people present introduced themselves and explained their interest in the project.

Apologies were received from Cllr Shaun Davies, Georgina Grant (IGMT) and Edward Thomas from Wrekin Housing Trust, Louise Bremner, Andrew Naylor, Dave Auger, Kate Barnes, Amanda Hillier, Concepta Cassar  and Jean Aitkin

Annual report

Actions since the first meeting of the group were presented in the form of a short video made by Jill Impey .

Treasurer’s report – presented by Nigel Neat

As of today, the Cinderloo project has total revenue of £15,704

Revenue derived as follows: –

  • Opening balance of £1,300 from Dawley Town Council(£1000) Dawley Hamlets Parish Council (£300)
  • £10,000 lottery grant received from National Heritage in December 2018
  • £5,000 grant received from the Wrekin Housing Trust in early February
  • £11,000 already budgeted and allocated to specific project activities such as professional fees and publicity and promotion
  • £20 paid to Wrekin Local Studies Forum for affiliation

Nigel was thanked for his work preparing the accounts

Calendar of events and dates for 2019


It was agreed that these dates would be shared publicly, and Darren Blackburn requested that they be sent to the Wrekin Local Studies Forum

 Ted Eames read his ballad “The Sam Hayward Blues” which was greeted with warm applause watch it at https://www.facebook.com/cinderlooriot/


The following members were proposed by John Ellis and Seconded by Sue Taylor as the officers of the group. The proposal was endorsed by the meeting


  • Pete Jackson for Chair
  • Nigel Neat for Treasurer
  • Andrew Howe for Secretary
  • Concepta Cassar for Committee member
  • Andrew Naylor for Committee member
  • Dave Auger for committee member
  • Shirley Bruneau for committee member
  • Jason Lewis – for committee member


Key projects for 2019

The following projects were agreed to be developed during 2019

  • Heritage Lottery work with schools & Heritage Lottery funded film and workshops – Andrew Howe
  • Wrekin Housing Trust – Mapping the route – Amanda Hillier and Marcus Keene
  • Music, poetry, artwork and Zines – Andrew Howe and Ted Eames
  • A campaign to name the new railway bridge The Cinderloo Bridge was agreed unanimously
  • Peterloo showings to be promoted with Martin James audio visual
  • Trades Council campaigns on Zero hours and young workers – TBC
  • Website content – Appeal for assistance was made
  • Family history – Sue Taylor, Shirley Bruneau and Joy Stocks to work on tracing names
  • History research – Jeff Fordham interested
  • Witness project – mapping 200+ year old trees – Andrew Howe

It was announced that Louise Townsend had written to the project to say that the Townsend Theatre company “are delighted to collaborate with you on the Cinderloo project. We hope to meet with you all very soon, to discuss ideas we are very excited”

The meeting welcomed this news and agreed to meet with Louise when they visit Shrewsbury on 31st March to discuss how we will take this offer forward

Andrew distributed copies of the new Zine produced following the walk held on 30th December 2018. Is was sold for £3 to include a subscription to the group

What would you like to do for Cinderloo 1821 ?

A general discussion followed with suggestions being made and volunteers offering to support different aspects of the project.

Particular reference was made to using technology and new media to engage young people in particular, the importance of celebrating local dialect and history and  the opportunities to organise events to attract wider interest.

John Ellis was thanked for hosting the meeting and providing Cinderloo beer

The meeting concluded at 9pm with Savannah performing their new song written for the project called “We have had enough” watch it at https://www.facebook.com/cinderlooriot/

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