Campaign for “The Cinderloo Bridge”

Artists impression of the Cinderloo bridge courtesy of Marcus Keene  

At the Cinderloo 1821 annual general meeting members voted unanimously to campaign for the new Telford railway footbridge to be called the Cinderloo Bridge. The group believes the bridge provides a real opportunity to further raise that profile of the battle of Cinderloo as it approaches it’s 200th anniversary and given its location linking Priorslee with Old Park provides a metaphor for the transition of Telford from a slag tip to a modern forest city.

The re-establishment of the link between north east Telford and the town centre via the footbridge also provides an opportunity to right a wrong that the new town has not up until now been able to reconcile. That is the recognition of the ‘Ironmasters’ The ‘Forge’, the industrialists in Telford’s road naming and geography and the omission of the role played by the ordinary working people in the town who did so much to create the wealth on which the town is built.

The opportunity to call the new foot bridge the ‘Cinderloo bridge’ would right that wrong and also create a resource that would prompt our communities new and old to question what was here before Telford; in a spirit of curiosity rather than one of ‘rose coloured spectacled’ nostalgia. It would also bring to life a story that could captivate generations to come that celebrates social justice and the importance and relevance of history to our current challenges.

The project has recently received a grant for the Heritage Lottery Fund which is enabling the project to work with schools in the area. Having the bridge named the Cinderloo bridge will provide a great launch pad for the next 2 years as we develop the profile of the story.

Spokesman for the group Pete Jackson said

“ At our meeting members representing organisations from across the town, young and old, thought it would be a great idea to call the bridge the Cinderloo bridge and given the publicity that the bridge bought to the area already it would be a cost free way of further raising the profile of the impressive structure whilst at the same time marking an extraordinary event in the towns history “

The group is calling on other organisations to promote the campaign through social media and is writing to council leader Shaun Davies to consider the idea.


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