Cinderloo 1821- Minutes of Annual General Meeting held 20th February 2020

  1. Welcome, introductions and apologies

Pete Jackson opened the meeting and 24 people present introduced themselves, 14 apologies were received including from Andrew Naylor, Sue Taylor and Concepta Cassar

  •  Note of meeting held 21st February 2019

The link to last year’s AGM minutes were provided at

Notes agreed

  • Partner updates and thanks

The following partners were thanked for their support and during 2019: – Telford & Wrekin Council, Ironbridge Museum Trust, Historic England, Wrekin Housing Trust, Wrekin Local Studies Forum, West Midlands TUC, Dawley Town Council, Dawley Hamlets Parish Council, Heritage Lottery Fund, Lawley and Overdale Parish council, Participate Contemporary Artspace CIC.

  • Annual report

Andrew Howe presented the Annual report using a series of slides showing the activities and events organised in 2019

The Chair thanked Andrew and all the people involved in the project for the excellent work undertaken in 2019

  • Treasurer’s report – Nigel Neat

Nigel reported the following

  • Balance brought forward from last AGM (21/01/2019) = £15,704
  • Grants/income received since last AGM (21/02/2019):
  • £6,000 received from Historic England in March 2019 (Heritage Schools)
  • £350 received from Lawley & Overdale Parish Council in June 2019
  • £300 received from Dawley Hamlets Parish Council in August 2019
  • £1,000 received from Great Dawley Town Council in November 2019
  • £1650 received from Telford and Wrekin Councillors for Lawley Gate well (Ring fenced)
  • Expenditure made:
ActivitySpend to Date
Dawley Day activities£300.00
Film showing (Peterloo)£123.00
Granville Boys£350.00
Professional Fees£15,681.00
Townsend Productions£1,650.00
  • Balance carried forward = £6,900

Nigel was thanked for his diligent work in maintaining the accounts for the last 12 months

  • Elections

The following people were nominated and elected on to our committee for 2020/21

  • Pete Jackson for Chair
  • Nigel Neat Treasurer
  • Andrew Howe Secretary
  • Concepta Cassar Committee member
  • Andrew Naylor Committee member
  • Dave Auger committee member
  • Shirley Bruneau committee member
  • Jason Lewis committee member
  • Andy Brown committee member
  • Robert Petty committee member
  • Ben Sheppard Committee member
  • Geoff Fordham
  • Activities for 2020/21

The following activities were discussed and agreed as part of the programme for the coming year and the following committee members agreed to lead

  • Heritage Lottery work with schools and other workshop/learning activities – Andrew Howe
  • Historic England workshops with schools – Andrew Howe Ben Sheppard
  • Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust – Andrew Naylor/ Pete Jackson/ Andrew Howe
  • Family history research – Shirley Bruneau
  • Mapping the route – Knight Lab-Ben Procter – Nigel Neat Pete Jackson
  • Historical and political research – Mike Haynes and Geoff Fordham
  • Music, poetry, artwork and Zines – Andrew Howe
  • Naming of railway bridge – Telford and Wrekin Council Pete Jackson and Ben Shepherd

The following suggestions for walks were agreed –

  • Madeley 6th June with Madley history group as part History on foot series
  • Wellington walking festival – Andrew Howe/ Pete Jackson TBC
  • Shrewsbury – Andrew Howe TBC
  • Blists Hill Festival of imagination – Andrew Naylor TBC
  • Discussion on ideas for commemoration in 2021

The chair introduced a discussion on thoughts for events to take place in 2021 and explained that plans to work with Townsend Theatre had come to a halt due to the amount of match funding required to proceed.

The meeting agreed to investigate alternative options including: – exhibition at Jackfield gallery in February 2021, a May Day event in Dawley in partnership with local groups and Shropshire and Telford Trades council and a series of events with Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust.

It was also agreed that we should follow up with the Arts Council on submitting a grant application to support the 200th anniversary commemoration events

  • The meeting concluded with 2 presentations using the mapping work that Ben Proctor has supported us with through the grant from Wrekin Housing Trust 
  • The first is a map showing the Cinderloo route telling the story of the event in February 1821 over laid on a current map

The second a trail of the pubs of Dawley which has been researched by Malcolm Peel

Meeting closed at 9pm

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