On the Cinderloo trail

On 11th August 2018, as part of the Wrekin Local Studies Forum History on Foot series of walks, members of Cinderloo1821 linked up with the Lawley and Overdale History Group to explore the history of the area.  In addition to historical information provided by Darren Blackburn, there were poems read by Jean Atkin and Ted Eames.

When the group stopped at the Forge Retail Park, the site of the Cinderloo battle that took place 200 years ago, Pete Jackson gave a brief introduction about Cinderloo1821, pointing out how what had been a site of production had become a site of consumption.  Once the home of Botfield Iron works, the largest producer of iron in Shropshire and the second largest iron producer in Britain, it now hosts some of the UK’s largest retail brands including  Sainsbury’s, Boots, Next and Currys.

Ted then proceeded to read his ballad ‘Samuel Hayward blues’ which tells the story of the events that led up to the hanging of Tom Palin charged with “Riotous assembly”.

In a moment of bitter irony, upon completion of his poem a security guard arrived right on queue to read a modern version of the riot act, read in 1821 by Mr Eyton, by ordering the “massed assembly” off the private property.

The 30-strong greying mob moved quietly on to the next stop on the walk at Old Park incredulous to what they had witnessed.


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