Cinderloo annual general meeting and launch of Touch Telford

Saturday 12th February 2022 11-1 at Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron

Dear all

Following a series of successful events held in 2021 to mark the 200th anniversary of the battle of Cinderloo our community group is looking to conclude this aspect of the project and start to make plans for how to build on the achievements made to date

The year has seen significant progress in delivering the plans of the group and include

  • Marking of Tom Palin’s hanging with a light show at the Dana Prison attracting widespread media interest and publicity
  • The tracing and publication of the family history of the all the main participants in the event
  • A successful exhibition hosted by Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust attracting over 300 visitors and attracting media coverage
  • The publication and sale of Jim Teague’s bok Coal pit Bank 
  • Successful work with 6 primary schools School funded by Heritage England
  • A series of walks, talks and public events linking to other local history groups in the area

There are a number of activities that we plan to complete in 2022 including: – 

  • Our AGM will take place on 12th February between 11am – 1pm and will include a workshop to launch Touch Telford at Museum of Iron, Coalbrookdale
  • Shadows in the dust-  using the images and sounds captured by Andy McKeown for the project we have agreed to show case at the Orbit community cinema on 9th May and we will  arrange a series of local light shows focusing on local historic sites
  • Completion of the renaming and marking of the ‘Cinderloo Bridge’ at Central Park in conjunction with Telford and Wrekin Council’s refurbishment of the Silken Way
  • Sharing of Family History research with Shropshire Family History Society 
  • Publication of Andrew Naylor’s “Slag-spotters guide”
  • Continuation of the walks and talks planned with partners

We are also proposing to amend our constitution to include the operation of our new project -Touch Telford which will set out to tell the history of Telford since the beginning of time using 100 items that can be touched

We have had a number of grants to support our work and plan to ensure that all of the grants that were ring fenced for specific activities will be spent during 2022 and that any remaining funds will be used to set up the Touch Telford project.

We are looking for new people  to join our group and are looking for members  to lead on geology, local history, mapping, local ecology, monuments and conservation, web design, marketing, photographers, film makers, story tellers, walk leaders, poets and artists

If have any comments on our activities in 2021/22 or would like to get involved in Touch Telford in 2022 please get in touch via

Pete Jackson

Chair Cinderloo 1821

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