The Slag Spotter’s Guide

The why, what, where, when and how of Telford’s slags

By Andrew Naylor

Published as part of the launch of Touch Telford, The Slag Spotter’s Guide will be a series of investigations to look at how Telford came to be, why it came to be and what it could become. It will appeal to anyone with an interest in industrial heritage, social history, geology and ecology, whether you live in Telford where the Industrial Revolution and our current Climate Crisis sparked up, or other places where signs of our industrial past are evident in the surrounding environment if you look closely enough.

The cover to Andrew Naylor’s series of articles exploring Telford’s slags

Touch Telford encourages curiosity in the landscape we see around us and the Slag Spotter’s Guide reveals some of the fascinating details we can learn from seemingly mundane pieces of rock-like materials found in walls, footpaths and gardens, about why places are where they are, what industries grew up there, how they worked, and what are the long term impacts that we are living with today. Contributions from readers are welcome and the information provided in the Guide may be used in support of schools projects on topics of local history, industrial history, geography, science, technology, and environmental studies. In other words, it’s yours to use as you want.

The series will look at different topics under specific headings, relating to the industrial history of the area, beginning with the stuff that is often under our feet.

To be continued …..

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