Shadows in the dust – Cinderloo 1821 remembered

During 2021 we marked the anniversary of Cinderloo. Covid meant that some of our plans had to be changed but from a standing start the events 200 years ago were remembered and bought to life through many  contributions of research, art and music.

Our aim to make sure future generations know about the protest that took place on the slag heaps at Old Park we believe has been met.

To commemorate the project and bring together all of the art work and also to record the names of the people who marched, fought and died we commissioned Andy Mckeown, local artist and film maker to produce “Shadows in the dust”

It is a haunting film telling the story by piecing together fragments of the art work , listing the many names that our research uncovered and ending with a ticking clock marking the time that it took for Tom Palin to hang.

The film was premiered  at the Orbit Community Cinema in February 2022 in full techni- colour and in stereo with full audience participation

It is now available on You Tube and we hope will be watched and shared as a thank you to everyone who participated. In particular to Geoff Fordham and Malcolm Peel who both provided inspiration for the project and who sadly died this year.

Thanks to everyone who took part in Cinderloo Remembered and as we enter 2023 with strikes and protests up and down the country we see the battles for a fair wage and decent working conditions  still being fought for 200 years on.

Please watch and share the film 

“Up the workers”

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