“Enough is enough” – Get your voice heard!

With protests in the news as government brings forward proposals to restrict people’s rights to make their voices heard Cinderloo is beginning to put the finishing touches to a  public event in Telford to explore the links between the events 200 years ago with those taking place today.

We need your voices to help us create a ‘sound scape’ as a backing track for the performance of a  ‘socially distanced riot’ that we are planning once the covid restrictions are lifted.

We want you to listen to this short audio clip of Andy McKeown explaining what and how we want you to say, ‘enough is enough’.

Andy McKeown explaining how to add your voice

We then want you to call our #Cinderloovoices phone line on 01743 249292 and record your voice to be incorporated into our planned event.

So if you want to help us mark the 200th anniversary of Cinderloo, are angry about woman’s safety, Black Lives Matters, government restrictions on protest or any other matters that you haven’t been able to protest about due to COVID please join in and make your voice heard!

Thanks to those of you who have already contributed sounds and images already to the project and look out for further announcements of time and location once covid restrictions allow

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