A New Year message from Cinderloo 1821

Dear all

Shropshire and Telford Trades Council banner

Well 2021 has finally arrived and the 200th anniversary of the battle of Cinderloo depicted on the Shropshire and Telford Trades Council banner occurs on 2nd February 2021.

Cinderloo 1821 our  community group set up to commemorate the events has several activities arranged through out 2021 to celebrate the communities and   brave men who gave their lives to the cause of social justice on our doorstep.

We are asking all our supporters to help spread the word and would very much like as many of you as possible to take part in these activities and assist in promoting the causes fought for in 1821, most of which are still relevant today.

 How you can get involved 

With ongoing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and restrictions on public gatherings the group is attempting to organise the world’s first socially distanced riot!

We are appealing to individuals, local organisations, social media groups and local trades unions to record a sentence on your phone, in no more than 10 seconds, stating something that you would like to change. It could be a slogan, a demand or just something you feel strongly about today.

We want people to send the file of the recording from your phone and email it to cinderloovoices@junctionbox98.net where all the recordings will be edited together to recreate the noise of a loud and passionate crowd.

For example, the Cinderloo marchers called for ‘ A bigger loaf and a stop to a pay cut of sixpence a day” today this might be a slogan relating to COVID-19, support for our NHS, in favour of a living wage for carers, Black Lives Matters or in support of a local environment campaign.

The sounds will be combined with images, art work and video of the events 200 years ago as part of an audio-visual light show that will be broadcast in a central Telford location and steamed through local social media channels early in February 2021.We hope later in the year to arrange a march as originally planned that we would organise with your support.

What else can you do to support the campaign?

Buy Jim Teague’s graphic novel “A Tale of Coalpit bank’ telling the Cinderloo story in a humorous and satirical style by visiting the Cinderloo shop.


All proceeds are going to support our activities

Have a look at our family research project


to see if any of your ancestors would have been involved. We have identified over 250 surnames of people related to the men who died because of the battle.

Have a look at our growing number of Postcards to Cinderloo where people are writing short blogs highlighting an aspect of the events surrounding Cinderloo that are relevant to understanding the background to what happened https://cinderloo.com/2020/11/16/postcard-from-leeds/

We have agreed with Telford and Wrekin Council to name the railway bridge at Central Park – the Cinderloo bridge. It is located close to where Tom Palin, the man subsequently hung, lived and sits on the Silkin Way joining North and South Telford. Watch out for details. 

If you are involved in community groups or other organisations, please help to raise the profile of Cinderloo by promoting our events and sharing details of our website and social media pages. Many people who live in the area are still not aware of its occurrence and we very much want to change that.

We are still planning to hold an exhibition of all the art work and research that we have undertaken as part of an exhibition in the autumn in collaboration with Ironbridge Museum Trust at Coalport.

Please visit our website where you will find lots of information and activities that we have held to date and which we plan to build during the year as a record for future generations to remember and celebrate the proud tradition that our ancestors created for us.

Happy Cinderloo Year

Pete Jackson 

Chair Cinderloo 1821

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