Cinderloo research reveals locations of burial places of the 3 men killed

In a significant breakthrough for the Cinderloo 1821 project, local historian and ex-miner Malcolm Peel has identified the burial places for the 3 men who died in the Battle of Cinderloo with further evidence indicating where they lived and their personal circumstances.

The group is appealing for other people to come forward who are interested in family history to assist in helping to trace the relatives of the 3 men as we move closer towards the 200th anniversary of this significant event in local history.

Thomas Gittens also known as Thomas Ingle

Thomas Gittens also known as Thomas Ingle

Miner, shot and killed by pistol shot, adjudged Justifiable Homicide

There is a Thomas Ingle buried at All Saints Church in Wellington.

He was buried on 9th February 1821.

He was 33 years old. 

He was living at Lawley Bank.

There is a Thomas Gittens, baptised at Dawley Magna, (Dawley Church) on 23rd September 1787. 

William Bird

William Bird
Miner, shot and killed by pistol shot, adjudged Justifiable Homicide

There is a William Bird buried at St. Mary’s & St Leonard’s Church, Wombridge.

He was buried 6th February, 1821

He was aged 20 years old. (This looks wrong).

He was living at The Bank. 

There is a William Bird, baptised at Wombridge on 8th May 1803.

Thomas Palin

Thomas Palin
Miner who took part in the protest and was shot in the arm during the battle with the Shropshire Yeomanry.  He was arrested, found guilty of “felonious riot” and sentenced to be hanged.

There is a Thomas Palin, buried buried St. Andrews Church, Shifnal

He was buried on 10th April 1821 

He was 26 years old. (This looks wrong)

He was living at Hollinswood

There is a Thomas Palin baptised at Whitchurch on 18th June 1797.

There is a Thomas Palin married to a Margaret Finks or Tonks on 1st February 1819.

We would like to find out more about Samuel Hayward a Miner, arrested and then escaped during the riot, re-arrested and convicted, later reprieved from execution

We are also interested in tracing relatives of the following Miners who took part in the protest, all convicted and sentenced to 9 months imprisonment

Joseph Eccleshall

John Grainger

Christopher North

Robert Wheeler

John Wilcox

John Payne

John Amies

Please contact if you think you have information that would help us

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