Bear Witness – The Lie of the Land

13:30-17:00, Sunday 20th October 2019, Wellington Library

There will be another opportunity to see the new short film Bear Witness by Jill Impey and Andrew Howe at the Wellington Arts Festival, and learn more about the story of the Cinderloo Uprising, Shropshire’s Peterloo, which took place almost 200 years ago in Old Park, Dawley.  After brief discussion and refreshments, you are invited to take part in the following fun activities to help create collaborative artworks and song taking inspiration from the film:

Mapping Art Workshop:  join artists Amanda Hillier, Andrew Howe and Jill Impey to explore ideas in collage, simple printmaking and creative writing.  No art experience needed.

Song writing:  singer/songwriter Kate Allan will facilitate the pooling of ideas as we come up with a song or two on themes related to Cinderloo and Dawley’s untold history.  No singing or songwriting experience needed, just curiosity about both.

Further details available on the Wellington Arts Festival webpage.

Jill Impey is an artist in film, photography, installation and participatory practice.  She is a Co-Director of Participate Contemporary Artspace CIC in Shrewsbury.  Her work engages adults and children, with a wide range of contemporary art, reminiscence and natural stimuli, in order to capture their individual responses.

Andrew Howe is an artist working in painting, drawing, photography, walking, books and digital media.  One of the co-founders of the Cinderloo 1821 community group, he is interested in how people and places interact, and how historical events shape the landscape. 

Amanda Hillier is a printmaker, illustrator and graphic designer, living in Ironbridge.  Her work reflects the historically important and naturally diverse area in which she lives.

Kate Allan is a freelance singer, songwriter and improviser who works on music and health projects for clients including the NHS and facilitates improvisation workshops.  In 2014, she set up Wild Singing, a free, leaderless group for people who like to find unusual (‘wild’) places to sing and share songs they love.

The film was shown recently at the Festival of Imagination at the Festival Hub yurt in Dale End, Ironbridge during a very enjoyable afternoon.

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  1. It’s my birthday and Jan was hinting at going away for a couple of days somewhere with a good restaurant, but if we don’t do that I’ll be there.


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